Aviation course

For several decades, globalisation has been steadily expanding, as has the desire to travel. Aviation-Airline & Airport is a degree that is highly sought after by non-traditional course candidates nowadays.
Back in the days, Humans used to be able to ‘fly’ using balloons filled with hot air or gas. The Wright Brothers constructed an aircraft named The Wright Flyers after a few decades. Designers topped the Wright Flyers ten years later by creating flying boats, passenger planes, and today’s observation platforms with radios and telegraphs. Because of the industry’s continuous improvement, we now witness more advanced and sophisticated techniques in aviation. Who knows what fresh innovations you will uncover when you get this degree.

Aviation Colleges in Chennai
Thousands of planes are currently crisscrossing the globe at any given time. Airports, airline firms, air traffic controllers, carrier operations, airline operations, and other ground operations contribute to passenger safety, efficient logistics, and sound business practises. For these positions, knowledgeable individuals with adequate qualifications and the personal attributes required for a career in the aviation industry’s dynamic environment are required.
As a result, South India’s among the best college ASET College of Science and Technology in Chennai offers BBA MBA, B.Sc aviation, airline, and airport management programmes. The degree programme is appropriate for students interested in pursuing a career in aviation, airline, or airport management.
Our Vision is to be known as one of the most innovative aviation training, development, and research institutes for Aviation Industry.
Our Mission Our mission is to contribute to the growth of the aviation industry by providing well-trained and skilled candidates.
How good is aviation, airline & airport management as a career in India?
Do you wish to work in a fast-paced, internationally successful environment in airline and aviation operations and management? If you answered yes, you should be aware that Indian airports serviced about 200 million passengers last year.
The ASET College of Science and Technology (Management) aspires to educate and train aviation professionals of the highest calibre.

What are the Benefits of Studying Aviation, Airline, and Airport Management?
1. You can go to different locations, sample the local cultures, meet new people, and form new connections.
2. If you want to build a strong, global network, the airline industry is the right fit! Working in the aviation sector, regardless of your title, is a source of pride.
3. This course offers a diverse set of options. It is one of the greatest management UG courses for individuals who have completed their secondary education.
4. Using cutting-edge interactive technology, learn in intimate, engaging classroom environments.
5. Develop a diverse set of specialised and transferable management abilities that companies respect and that will prepare you for a graduate job in the aviation and airport sectors.
6. You can work with top world top airline companies like Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, ANA All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, EVA Air, Qantas Airways, Hainan Airlines, Air France, Emirates, Lufthansa, Indigo, also our domestic airlines Air India, etc with high packages.
Job opportunities in aviation & airport management
someone who graduates in aviation or airport management has an array of fields to choose from. You can work in any airport in the country, or even overseas, from entry level to middle level managerial roles.
In the Gulf nations, where the aviation business is vast and developing quickly, there is a high demand for educated experts. You can work for the Airport Authority of India (AAI), a government agency that manages airport operations, or for any of the privately operated airports in the nation.
You can also work with airlines, managing their day-to-day operations and providing other services. Airport operations, ticketing, reservations, baggage and cargo handling, customs, immigration control, airline catering services, flight attendants, cabin crew services, airport lounge services, air traffic control, and aircraft ground and many more . You also have the option to join higher learning courses like MBA, BBA and some postgraduate diplomas.