Academic Library

Library services & Timings :

A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life

  • All students are members of the library
  • The library functions from 10.00am to 3.00pm on all working days.
  • Each registered member is eligible to avail the prescribed maximum number of books and duration
  • Members can borrow a Non-Book Material on request and it should be returned within three days including holidays
  • Books borrowed must be returned on the expiry of due date or it must be renewed failing which Rs1/- will be charged as fine from the defaulters per day/ per book.
  • All the members should show his/her bar-coded identity card at the counter while borrowing the books. No books will be issued without ID card under any circumstances
  • All are prohibited from sub-lending or transferring the books
  • Members should not alter the arrangement of books in the shelves.
  • Books bank collections are only for the use of SC/ST students.
  • All the library books must be returned to the library soon after the university examinations and for final year students before collecting their hall ticket.
  • The librarian reserves the right to retain any book issued to any member before the due date, if it is required for any important purpose in the library.
  • Students should sign the e-gate register before entering in the library
  • Silence is to be strictly observed
  • Chairs and tables should not be disturbed from their position.
  • Mutilation and disfiguring of pages of library materials by ink or pencil marks are prohibited.
  • If a book is lost, borrower is either liable for fine or bound to replace the same or both.
  • Defects found in the books and bound volumes taken out for reading or borrowing should be brought immediate to the notice of the staff on duty.
  • Loss of ID cards is to be reported immediately
  • Personal papers and non-library materials are not allowed in the library.
  • Books are to be returned and the dues are to be remitted before going on vacation.
  • Library will not accept return of books on the same date of issue.
  • Don’t use pen or pencil to hold a particular page.
  • Members who do not observe the rules may be barred from using the facility.

Digital library and Internet Sources:

  • Persons using internet in library computers must agree to the library system Policy before using the internet and must follow all the applicable laws. Anyone found to be in violation of any library policy or of any law would be subjected to penalties including termination of computer use and termination of library use.
  • The use of Institute electronic information resources is a privilege, not a right, and the Institute may revoke the privilege at any time for misuse. Inappropriate uses of institute resources may result in administrative discipline up to and including separation from the Institute.
  • The Internet computers and connected devices like printers, DVD Drives, Floppy drives are managed by on duty library staff in order to fairly ensure access to library resources for all library patrons.
  • In accordance with the college internet policy, all internet computers provided by the Library are equipped with filtering software to prevent the viewing of offensive materials. Anyone who bypasses the web-filtering technology on any library computer will be forfeited from all future rights to use any computer within the Library.
  • Users may not download programs or modify library computers in any way without staff assistance.
  • Users may not unplug, remove, or otherwise modify library equipment.
  • Users are instructed not to bring any CD-ROMs into the library other than the CD borrowed from Library. Obtain permission from the library staff for use otherwise.
  • Only one student should use a single user at a given time.
  • Scan your Storage Disks [CD/Floppy/USB Flash Drives] with the anti-virus software before using with permission.
  • Library computers will have updated anti-virus software configured to scan files on disks as they are accessed.
  • Persons warned by the software that they may have a virus on their disk should stop work immediately and seek staff assistance