Education is for improving the lives of others and leaving your community and the world better than you found it”— Marian Wright Elderman.

Fire and safety Course

True education goes beyond dissemination of knowledge and acquisition of skills. It is all about how it moulds your character, shapes your thinking and prepares you for a future. ASET College established on the principles of Imparting Technical skills for the youth not just intellectual curiosity but also the spirit of tolerance and humaneness. Today, the college has seen a phenomenal growth and is poised for achieving greater glory. Now is the moment to reckon with. The spiralling growth registered over the years has to be sustained and quality assurance should be the top most priority. It is through the concerted efforts of the management, principal, teaching fraternity and the admin staff that we have been able to create new bench marks for ourselves, to be recognized and acknowledged as one Of the premier centres of higher learning. The exemplary prowess shown by the students in curricular and co-curricular activities is sure to enable us to realise our potential and transform the vision of the college of imparting quality education into a reality.

I am confident that this group of professionals will be the torchbearers of your organisations as well as of India, and I recommend them enthusiastically for your consideration.