Fire And Safety Course


    ASET has a strong, lively alumni association that extends across the India & abroad. This thriving alumni network brings great value to everyone associated with ASET - from spreading awareness and recognition of the ASET brand to creating opportunities for and guiding current students.

    We truly believe that while the ASET experience begins on campus, it is enjoyed for the rest of one's life. The alumni association plays a major role in building long lasting relationships and creating camaraderie amongst a global community. With alumni spread over the world, ASET students can be assured of a warm welcome whenever they go.

    ASET alumni contribute time, energy, and expertise to help the ASET fraternity grow, develop and prosper. The ASET alumni Association aims to facilitate lifelong learning through the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Alumni pool skills and apply available resources to enhance personal and career development for their members.

    The ASET culture has impacted how actively alumni contribute to their communities. This desire to share knowledge and skills beyond the workplace and family may very well stem from the many community and philanthropic activities they were exposed to as students at ASET . The alumni association has successfully been able to channelize resources for a greater good and no community outreach project is ever short of volunteers.

    The Association plans to setup guidance cell to aid the present and past students in the task of trying to give their future a definite and purposeful direction. The guidance cell, apart from assisting the placement cell, will also assist present students in availing project facilities in various industries in their area of interest.

    To fulfil the above activities and proposals the association requires to establish a strong network amongst the alumni. All alumni of ACE are requested to register as members of the Alumni association and ensure their contact information is updated.