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ASET COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (Chennai & Coimbatore) is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in India. ASET Educational Institutions are promoted by MRECT – M.R Educational& Charitable Trust. The Trust is started in the year 2015 with an aim to provide education to all.

About Aset

The Trust started its niche in the teaching field in the year 2016 with ASET College of Safety Management. The college is approved by Alagappa University Karaikudi (Government of Tamilnadu) for the teaching courses of studies on Bachelor in Science in Fire & Industrial Safety Management, Diploma in Fire & Industrial Safety Engineering; Post Graduate Diploma in Environment Health & Safety Management In addition, the College also conducts certificate courses in Fire & Industrial Safety Management Diploma in Land survey Engineering and Diploma in Fire Design & Installation. The Institution started a Postgraduate program in M.Sc (Industrial Safety & Hygiene) and MBA. (Environment & Industrial Safety) from June 2017. AFTER this, the ASET Group of Educational Institutions continues to strive for excellence in Non-Conventional Education.


Aset Conference




Following that, ASET College of Safety Management was renamed Aset College Of Science And Technology in 2019 and launched new UG and PG programmes in Shipping & Logistics courses BBA & MBA in the same year, with the essential infrastructure in place to meet Alagappa University’s standards

AIT, guided by its saying, “the most preferred institution for professional Education,” takes every effort to provide students with unlimited chances for professional growth.AIT’s professors consist of the best minds in professional Education who guides its students to successful learning. The College has a lush Green Campus, a Contemporary infrastructure, modern teaching methodologies, career-orientated training, outstanding placement, and the finest faculty are ASET Hallmark. Students are being equipped and transformed not just as Distinction students, but also as astute thinking officers, ready to take on the challenges of the business world in India and abroad. It takes pleasure in instilling leadership and interpersonal abilities in its pupils, therefore moulding them into strategic academics with competitive spirits.

AIT stands out from other colleges because of its dedication to providing high-quality education to its students and presenting the best talent to companies throughout the world. AIT has long been a leader & innovator in professional education. Since its inception, it has developed into an excellent academic society that is committed to the safety & Logistics sectors.


Sustainable development was defined in the 1987 Brundtland Report as “development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (United Nations General Assembly, 1987).

Sustainable development also lays emphasis on the responsibility of current generations to renew, maintain, and improve the planet’s resources for future generation. Businesses are becoming more inclined to offer greener solutions in order to meet stringent environmental goals, minimize their reliance on natural resources, and compete for environmentally concerned consumers. Within this shifting environment, having a well-tailored business model for an innovative technology is viewed as a critical enabler of business success.

Green Business Models strive to provide value to customers while also supporting sustainability, such as resource conservation/reduction and promotion of environmental benefits. This conference will feature discussions on sustainable development and on green policies in all areas of management (HR, IT, Marketing, Finance General Management & Economics) so as to have a positive impact on the environment and to boost business by garnering an impressive reputation. We encourag rigorous work of any methodological or theoretical bent in this conference based on the principle that  innovative research. ASET COLLEGE encourages diversified membership and panels of the participants.


  1. To examine our economic, environmental, and social requirements in relation to the present and future generations’ prosperity.
  2. To examine critically on conservation and enhancement of our resources with the usage of technology.
  3. To re-evaluate business plans, work ethics, and the workforce through the lens of sustainable green business model.
  4. To analyze green business model in the context of its merits and demerits.
  5. To recommend knowledge regarding the strategies for building green and sustainable businesses.
  6. To contribute to the preservation of a healthy environment for supporting life.
  7. To understand the premium of sustainability and green management.



We invite academicians, practitioners, research scholars and students to submit research papers. Some indicative titles related to conference are given below, though submissions are welcome on any other topics aligned with the broad theme of the conference.

Abstract Submission: 25th Dec 2022

Full Paper Submission: 12th Jan 2023

Acceptance of shortlisted abstracts: 02nd Jan 2023

Please send your contributions to

Human Resources & General Management

  1. Sustainable HRM
  2. Sustainable Culture, Diversity & Inclusion the Need of the Hour.
  3. Green HR Practices & Strategic Implementation
  4. Training, Retraining & Rescaling.
  5. Online Recruitment & Selection-Teleconferencing, and Virtual
  6. Interviews
  7. Green Reward Management
  8. Green Performance Management


  1. Green Marketing & Strategies -Green Positioning, Green Pricing, Green Logistics
  2. Green Marketing Interventions for Sustainable Development
  3. Recycling & Waste Disposal Practices
  4. Green Design- Eco-friendly product packaging
  5. Green Marketing: Consumer perception of responsible corporate
  6. Green Marketing and CSR
  7. Sustainability and growth through Green Business Models
  8. Minimal Living for Sustainable Development & Green Business Models

Information Technonogy (IT)

  1. Green ICT for Sustainability
  2. Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship
  3. Knowledge Management for Sustainability
  4. Changing Ways of E-Commerce for Green Environment
  5. Data Security
  6. Data Mining and Data Warehouses
  7. Business and Data Analytics

General Management & Economics

  1. Green Economic Policies, Practices & Initiatives
  2. Circular Economy and Sustainable Mobility
  3. Sustainable Supply Chain Models and Entrepreneurial Innovation
  4. Green Consumption Practices
  5. CSR Perspective of Green Initiatives
  6. Integrated Holistic Eco-Information System
  7. Digitisation and Innovation of current Business Models, Business Risk and Mitigation
  8. Climate Change and Climate Protection via Sustainable Business Development



  1. Changing Investor Preference in View of the Evolving Financial Crisis.
  2. Sustainable Finance Market: Actors and Regulations
  3. Financial Market Implications of Climate Change
  4. Impact Investing: Measuring Social Impact Alongside Financial Returns
  5. Investors’ Preferences for Sustainability and Non-Pecuniary Outcomes
  6. Role of Banking in Sustainable Development & Green Business Models
  7. The Imperatives of Social Cost-Benefit Analysis


Author (s) are requested to send their abstracts, not exceeding 300 words in font size 12, Times New Roman Font type in MS word with 1.5 line spacing and Margins of 2.5 cm (1 inch), with a maximum of 5 keywords.


The paper should be original and being presented for the first time. A written declaration about the originality of the work from the Author(s) should be sent along with the paper in the prescribed format. The paper should be original and being presented for the firs time.

The paper should be clearly typed and should not exceed 6000 words.

Use Times New Roman 12 size font with 1.5 line spacing.

All graphs/tables should be sent on a separate sheet.

After blind review, all the selected papers will be eligible for presentation.

Each paper presentation will be given 15 minutes for the Power Point Presentation


Selected quality and registered papers shall be published in Scopous and UGC Care listed journals.

papers in the Proceedings or Journal, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  1.  The full papers are accepted by reviewers for publication,
  2. All the authors of the paper must complete the registration process, and
  3. All Manuscript Guidelines must be followed.


Authors, who cannot attend the conference in person, but wish to present their paper in Absentia, are encouraged to e-mail their  submissions. These submissions will go through the  blind review process. Authors of papers in Absentia must also complete the  registration process and pay the fees.


The best paper presented in each domain/theme after the conference would be awarded. In absentia submissions will not be considered  for the award.


Conference will be in physical as well as online mode as per prevailing pandemic situation and Government guidelines. Online mode of  presentation will be available even if the conference is being organized in physical mode for international participants.



National Delegates

  1. Corporate Delegates: Rs,2500/-
  2. Academicians: Rs,1500/-
  3. Research Scholar: Rs,1500/-
  4. Students: 750/-
  5. Corporate Delegates: $ 32
  6. Academicians: $ 20
  7. Research Scholary/Students: $15
  8. Fee can be paid in cash, Through Demand Draft or Google pay

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Dr.Mohamad A.Rizwan


Professor Mr. Santhosh Kumar
Mr. M Mohammed Fahad


Mr. Dinesh Kumar


Mr. Manivannan


Ms. Suba Arunachalam

Mr. Ranganathan

Mr. Sasivarman

Mr. Jayagar


Dr. B. Devamaindhan

Professor & Head, University of Madras

Dr. S. Subramanian

Professor & Director, School of Management

Studies, Tamilnadu Open University

Dr. Ganapathy

Asst-Professor, Alagappa University

Dr. S. Premkumar

Professor. Tamilnadu Physical Education &

Sports University

Dr. V. Nagajothi (Dean)

Tamilnadu Dr.J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University


For more Details Contact :

Mr. Dinesh Kumar  –  9043304206

Mr. Manivannan     –  9626419061

Mr. Jaigar –  79043 52852