MBA Environment and Industrial Safety Mgt | Aset Institute

The MBA Environment and Industrial Safety Degree Program of the Alagappa University is to prepare rehearsing Executives and Managers, working in Private/Public Sector Undertakings. This MBA in Environment and Industrial Safety program empowers them to enhance their administrative aptitudes, dynamic, and to upgrade their critical thinking capacity, through contextual analyses, addresses, pretends and business games with an extraordinary spotlight on Environment and Industrial Safety Management.
Mba Environment & Industrail Safety

What is the programme all about?

  1. The course deals with safety procedure in the organizational structure, processes, Legal and methodologies in EHS.
  2. The modern architecture all works today needs similarly sound safety manager with Post graduate background.

Safety Manager, executives  works on managing, inspecting and ensuring the presence of all the protection and safety procedures, confirming that they are in place, and equipped to meet the present and the required standards.

This course requires a blend of interpersonal skill & interpersonal skills such as good communication, authoritative capacity, brisk dynamic and critical thinking abilities and physical wellness and nimbleness, the good judgment, self-restraint, and initiative characteristics

The two years Master of Science MBA Environment and Industrial Safety designed for meeting the demand of the growing needs of experts in the fields of industrial safety,  nuclear safety ,occupational safety, airport safety, accidents in aviation, automobile safety, electrical safety, explosives safety, fire safety, patient safety, safety engineering, accidents prevention etc.

Start your career during studies

ASET uniquely prepares the students to shape their own profile by picking a specific specialization. We offer arrangements by grounds prerequisites in the half phase obviously. Likewise, students visit industries by an internship and getting jobs through internship training.