Aset 4th International Conference

4th International Conference 2022

 Department Of Industrial Safety, Logistics & Shipping


International Conference On “ Technological Advancement in Health Safety Environment & Logistics ” – 2022


28th & 29th January 2021





ASET INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is one of India’s most reputed premier institutions of M.R Educational and charitable Trust, offering world-class professional courses in Industrial Safety,  Logistics & Shipping, Land Survey and Rail Safety. It was established in the year 2016, an approved institution of Alagappa University. ASET ensures the holistic development of students by providing high-quality manpower through excellence in Teaching, Research and Development. Our aim is to equip the students with the required knowledge and skills in the relative fields and offer 100 % placement assistance. The ASET provides a conducive atmosphere for students to discover their academic passion and pursue their Intellectual depth. We prepare the students for leadership through experiential learning opportunities, an extensive career network & countless co-curricular services along off-campus activities. Besides the regular courses, ASET also extends its engineering consultancy services in the Environment, Health & Safety domain through ASET EHS Solutions.

About the Departments:

The institute runs departments, namely the department of Industrial Safety, the department of Logistics & Shipping, the department of Land Survey and the department of Rail Safety with well-qualified faculty & well-equipped laboratories. All the courses provided here, function under the umbrella of these major departments. The departments provide career-oriented courses that shape the students into professionals along with placement assistance. The institute enjoys a prestigious history of placing all the students in leading companies both within the country and abroad. The departments have been tasting their success in all their Endeavours over the years. They are comprised of Industrial experienced Professionals, Technocrats and Doctorates in their respective fields.

About the Conference:

In the past decade, Industrial Safety and Logistics & Shipping departments had organized many events to groom the students in all directions. To develop and motivate the research culture in youngsters & Industrial Experts, we are organizing  4th  International Conference on “Technological Advancement in Health Safety Environment & Logistics” (ICTAHSEL 2K22) on 28th & 29th Jan 2022 at our Chennai campus. 

The objective of the Conference:

The 4th International Conference on “Technological  Advancement in Health Safety Environment and Logistics”  (ICTAHSEL 2K22) strives to bring together the leading academic scientists, researchers, students, HSE Professionals, Logisticians and research scholars to exchange their experiences on the recent trends in Health Safety Environment and Logistics. The conference is aimed at bringing the latest revolutionary trends and innovative practices in the respective fields. Thereby, it can foster a renewed spirit in our joint ventures to research and redefine boundaries to prepare ourselves for the inevitable changes. It will explore various aspects of technological growth and it also contributes to Health Safety Environment and Logistics domains. It also becomes a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to discuss their ideas and findings through relentless intellectual pursuit.


Health Safety Environment

1. Abrasive blasting & Spray painting.
2. Aerial drone in the safety sector.
3. Ammonia / Ammonia Refrigeration.
4. Automation is accelerating at the edge to improve workplace safety & productivity.
5. Blasting and Explosives.
6. Combustible Dust.
7. Compressed air and compressed gases.
8. Confined spaces.
9. Construction safety.
10. Control of vibrational Hazards at work.
11. Defensive Driving Techniques.
12. Electrical power Generation, Transmission and Distribution.
13. Electrical Hazards.
14. Energy sectors.
15. Ergonomics & Workplace stress.
16. Green Technology.
17. Hand and Portable Powered Tools.
18. Health Effects Of Pesticides.
19. Heat-related disorders.
20. Highways & Metro Work Zone Safety.
21. Industrial Accident & Incident Reporting.
22. Industrial Hygiene Etiquette & Practices.
23. Ionizing Radiation.
24. Job hazards identification techniques.
25. Key Performance Indicators.
26. Laboratory safety.
27. Lifting Techniques.
28. Machinery Safety.
29. Medical Services and First aid.
30. Modern Fire Fighting methods (Robotics).
31. NDT.
32. New fall protection systems.
33. New safety training technologies.
34. Occupational Diseases.
35. Occupational Safety, Health & Working conditions code.
36. Pollution control in industries.
37. Post pandemic safety in industries.
38. Quality management safety systems.
39. Recognizing workplace substance abuse and mental health.
40. Road Safety and Security traffic control monitoring system.
41. Role of trade unions in Safety and Health at the workplace.
42. Safe actions for employee returns.
43. Safety Analysis methods and techniques.
44. Safety Mobile applications & tools.
45. Sanitation Risk Management & HACCP.
46. SMART Personal Protective Equipment.
47. Smart Technology for the fire protection system.
49. Temporary / Contractor workers safety.
50. Training & Orientation Of Workers.
51. Transportation of Hazardous goods.
52. Underground Construction.
53. Ventilation system.
54. Video detection of smoke and flames.
55. Welding, Cutting and Brazing.
56. Work permit System.
57. Workplace Noise control methods.
58. Workplace Health & Safety policy.
59. Young Worker.
60. Zoonotic Diseases.

Logistics & Shipping

1. Advancement cost-cutting logistics.
2. Advanced data standard & Analytics.
3. Advanced fleet management.
4. Aggregate production planning and control.
5. Air cargo operation software.
6. ASRS in warehousing.
7. Automated container scanning.
8. Automated material handling ( Loading & Unloading ).
9. Changing face of customer experience.
10. Concepts of logistics ( Core process ).
11. Connecting drivers PAN India.
12. Containers business in digital ERA.
13. Container tracking.
14. Cost components of multi-model transport.
15. Dangerous Goods handling.
16. Digital apps in the transportation business.
17. Digital currency in foreign exchange.
18. Digital tariff payment.
19. Digital transformation of customs in ease of doing business.
20. Digital warehousing.
21. Digitalization of Shipping documents.
22. Disruption in economy.
23. E-commerce demand for warehousing.
24. Elastics logistics for perfect order deliveries.
25. Evolution in planning and maintaining inventory levels.
26. Evolution of logistics.
27. Future of logistics.
28. Future of unmanned ships.
29. Geographic Information system.
30. Global supply chain management.
31. Green logistics – Sustainable logistics and energy.
32. Integrated logistics.
33. Inco terms in logistics.
34. Intelligent transport management system.
35. Intermodal freight technology.
36. Internet in transportation route decisions.
37. Internet of things ( IoT ).
38. Intra logistics – Warehousing systems.
39. Key factors in operations planning.
40. Management and monitoring of logistics costs.
41. Operation management techniques.
42. Post pandemic practices in logistics.
43. Production logistics – LEAN.
44. RFID in logistics.
45. Robotics in warehouse management.
46. Role of IT in shipping Industry.
47. Role of technology in inventory controls.
48. Shipment tracking system.
49. Simulations in logistics.
50. Smart logistics.
51. Technology factors in planning management policies.
52. Technology factors in influencing warehouse site selections and operations.
53. The containerization ERA.
54. The model of  “Everything-as-a-Service”.
55. Transit operation software.
56. Transport logistics – Location problems, Routing.
57. Truck and transport management.
58. Understanding the automated logistics industry.
59. Unlocking transparency in the supply chain.
60. Warehouse automation.

Paper Submission Guidelines:

Please ensure your submission meets our conference’s strict guidelines for accepting scholarly papers. Submitted Paper should not been previously published in any other journal/conference.

1. The title should be suitable to the theme of the conference and must be dealt within its boundaries.

2. The paper should be free of plagiarism. The submitted Paper should not have been previously published in any other journal/conference and should not contain any content excerpted from other publications.

3. Maximum two persons are allowed for presenting a paper together.

4. The abstract should not be more than a page. It should contain an introductory statement that outlines the background and significance of the study, methodologies and major findings of the study.

5. While drafting the abstract, citing of any references, figures, equations or tables must be avoided.

6. The paper is advised not to exceed 10 pages.

7. Any reference made from other works must be acknowledged. The references listed in the reference section should be cited in the body- text of the paper.

8. The paper should contain citations of at least 5 to 10 recently published research works in the reference section.

9. Posing the title as a question must be avoided. Try rephrasing your title or at least allude to the answer. It should be ensured that the title is long enough to address the topic, argument, and method of the study.

10. At least 4 keywords or phrases from your paper should be provided in alphabetical order.

11. All figures should be captioned. Figures should use a high enough resolution to be easily readable at a glance.

12. The duration of the presentation is 10 minutes, cannot be extended any longer.

Exclusively Dedicated For Health Safety Environmental Management and Logistics & Shipping.

Registration Fee Details

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Important Dates

Date of Conference: 28th & 29th January 2022

Last date for Submission of Abstract: 8th January 2022

Intimation of acceptance of paper: 10th January 2022

Last date for Submission of final paper: 18th January 2022

Last date for Registration fee: 22nd January 2022

Conference Proceedings

All submitted conference papers will be blind peer-reviewed by three competent reviewers. The peer-reviewed conference proceedings are indexed in the Open Science Index, Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar, Zenedo, OpenAIRE, BASE, WorldCAT, Sherpa/ROMEO, and other index databases. In addition, the conference proceedings will be published with ISBN No.


Special Journal Issues

The 4th International Conference on “ Technological Advancement in Health Safety Environment & Logistics” (ICTAHSEL 2K22) assures that the number of selected, exceptional and full-text papers will also be considered for the special journal issues. As a result, all submitted papers will be having the opportunity which will be considered for this Special Journal Issue. The publication of papers in such a special edition will bring recognition and credits to the deserving authors. The final decision for the paper selection will be made based on the peer review reports by the Guest Editors and the Editor-in-Chief jointly. It will be evaluated based on the weightage of the paper and presentation on the stage. The Selected full-text papers will be published online free of charge.


For More Information

For any further queries regarding the conference please feel free to write us at intconference2022@asetsafety.ac.in

Mr. Sham Raj. T – 80150 80117

Mr. Senthilnathan. E – 97877 97189