Quality Policy

Aset Quality Policy



 ASET Institute of Technology is committed to a culture of quality enhancement through a process of continuous quality improvement:

In academic provision, research and campus extension, by

  1. Being a universal exemplar in professional course instruction using best practice in educating, learning and research.
  2. Providing an important and adaptable career-focused educational program created in association with industries and the extension of the campus into the workplace and the wider.


  1. Developing a student-centered institution which creates and encourages the abilities of its Students and sets them up to make a positive commitment to society.

As an Institute by

  1. aligning departments, colleges, faculties and bolster units with the Institute’s strategic plan and goals
  2. by building up and observing key execution indicators
  3. benchmarking with other higher education institutions where appropriate
  4. building and enhancing systems to support the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and management

Reporting and by

Ensuring staff, students and graduates know about the significance of moral conduct and social duty overall economic, social and cultural domains



ASET is committed to continuously evolve and student innovative systems with its all boundaries for ensuring safety of its students, all the staff, trainees, its assets, knowledge and the eco-system. It would call upon the cooperation, participation and adherence to norms on the part of all the stake holders through safety awareness, regulatory measures and employing newer technologies and systems.